What Mood Watch tracks on a Daily basis

Keep track of your well being on a daily basis.

Created by inventor and bipolar patient, Kimberly Knox, this mood tracking app makes it easy to better understand one’s state of mind for personal reflection or for discussion with a physician or therapist.

More than a simple depression-, or anxiety-tracking app, Mood Watch makes it possible for anyone to play a proactive role in their overall well-being by giving them the power to closely track their feelings throughout the day, every day.

Mood Watch helps you keep track of your well being on a daily basis.

  • The Mood Watch Story
  • Quick and Easy to Use
  • Tune into your Body and Mind
  • Analyze your Anxiety
  • Analyze your Mood
  • Analyze your State of Calm
  • Analyze your Focus & Mindfulness
  • Analyze your Energy
  • Customized for You
  • Track Medications & Supplements
  • Generate a Weekly Report

Introduction Video to Mood Watch

Kimberly Knox’s Story

Mental Health is for Everyone!

Brought to you by Invitation Only, LLC, Mood Watch is available for anyone who wants to take a proactive role in their mental, emotional and physical health.

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chr_01What if there was a quick and precise way to size yourself up, mentally, emotionally and physically, three times a day? What if you could also have a reminder to take your vitamins and medications? And what if you could accurately chart all of this information–including how you feel, how you’ve been sleeping, meditating, to review for your own understanding, or with your doctor or therapist? This might help you start to pull your life together.chr_05 – Kimberly Knox